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Hereby there are some interesting events:

MBS: meeting 8th of June 2006 - Milano

Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS): features, technical and legal aspects and the role of Real Estate valuations.

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24th november 2005: "The medium retail spaces: technical and legal issues and their valuation"

On 24th November 2005 there has been a meeting organized by OSMI (Real Estate Exchange of Milan), the Italian Valuation Association (IsIVI ) and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI - Italia), having the following title: "The medium retail spaces: technical and legal issues and their valuation". The speakers were: Alfons Metzger (President of TEGoVA), Marco Ornaghi (Active in the field), Eva Maschietto (partner of Ashurst), Gianluca Nolli (Jones Lang Lasalle) e Maurizio Negri (Praxi). The brochure of the event is hereby attached.

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17th November 2005: Meeting at Portorose (Slovenia)

Avv. Antonio Campagnoli, as General Secretary of FIABCI Italia, has been invited at the important meeting held in Portorose on 17th November 2005. A copy of the speech is hereby annexed having the following title "The Real Estate Market in Italy in 2005 - Specially cross border transaction and services with Slovenia and Austria".

10th-12th November 2005: General Assembly of TEGoVA in Wien

The general assembly of TEGoVA has been held in Wien on 10th-12th November 2005. TEGoVA is the association who gathers more then 40 national associations of about 27 countries of the European area. More information are available on the following website www.isivi.it.

22nd-23rd June 2005: "To buy Real Estate Abroad"

Ing. Enrico Campagnoli has been invited to speak at the meeting regarding the acquisition of properties abroad held in Meliorbanca's building in Milan as expert of the Real Estate market of New York city. Hereby you can find the brochure of the event.

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11th March 2005: "Real Estate Rating"

In Milan, on 11th March 2005, it has been organised by the Italian Real Estate Valuation Association (Is.I.V.I.) in co-operation with the local Chamber of Commerce an important meeting regarding "The Real Estate Rating: European experience, banking regulatory and comparison of methods".

The speakers have been the following: Ing. Antonio Pastore (President of OSMI - Borsa Immobiliare), Alexander Benedetti (General Secretary of The European Group of Valuers' Associations - TEGoVA), Arnaud De Batz (Deputy Managing Director - Fitch Francia), Fabrizio Bonelli (Head of the Real Estate division of Banca Intesa), Professor Giacomo Morri (Real Estate and Financial Area SDA Bocconi and Professor at Università Bocconi), Professor Claudio Cacciamani (Professor of Financial Intermediaries at SDA Bocconi), Professor Sergio Mattia (Vice President of Istituto Italiano di Valutazione Immobiliare - Is.I.V.I. and Professor of Real Estate Valuation at Politecnico di Milano), Antonio Arezzo (Analyst of Pirelli Real Estate Asset Management).

In such an occasion, it has been carried out a comparison of at least three methods of real estate rating:

- the method deriving from the Guidance 14 of EVS2003 and, in particular, the "PaM";

- the method developed by the Univeristy of Parma;

- the Fitch rating method.

The meeting was tailored to stress the importance of adopting European common methods even in the Real Estate rating field. The presence either of accademics,banks or real estate entrepeneurs shows the importance and the originality of the topic.

For further details, please visit www.isivi.it.

20th January 2005: CIREC 2005 - Bucharest

In Bucharest it has been organised by CEREAN the CIREC 2005 (CEREAN Real Estate Course). Avv. Antonio Campagnoli participated to such event speaking about the cross borders opportunities between Italy and Romania. This speech had emphasised Qimmo.
» Download adraft of the speech ( pdfpdf 110 Kb) and a photo of the event.

5th January 2005: agreement between OSMI - Is.I.V.I.

An important agreement of mutual co-operation has been executed on 5th January 2005 between the Italian Valuation Association and the Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of Milan (www.borsaimmobiliare.net).
A copy of such a agreement is on the web site of Is.I.V.I.:www.isivi.it.

15th December 2004: High Level Commission on Legal Enpowerment of the Poor Project

In Rome organised by the United Nation, there has been the meeting of 'High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor Project with the partecipation of Ing. Enrico Campagnoli on behalf of the Internationl Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). The agenda of the meeting may be hereby dowloaded (pdfpdf 277Kb).

» pdfDownload meeting agenda (pdf 359 Kb).

18th-19th November 2004: Portorose Slovenia

In Portorose, there has been an important meeting organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Lubiana ( www.cpu.si) with more than 400 people. Avv. Antonio Campagnoli has spoken about cross border issues.

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